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Fire Behavior

  • BehavePlus fire modeling system
    Image: BehavePlus logo
    • Modeling of fire behavior, fire effects, and fire environment
    • Used for basic fire modeling understanding, prescribed fire planning, fuel hazard assessment, predicting wildfire behavior, etc.
    • For each calculation, conditions are constant in time and uniform in space; Ability to see effect of ranges of values
    • Table, graph, and diagram outputs
  • FlamMap fire mapping and analysis system
    Image: Flammap logo
    • Provides potential fire behavior across the landscape, including fire growth
    • Used for fuel hazard assessment, placement of fuel treatment projects, and more
    • Weather conditions are constant; fuel moisture constant once conditioned for elevation and aspect
    • Fuel model, terrain, and other inputs vary spatially
    • Fire behavior in a pixel is independent of adjoining pixels
    • FlamMap Fire Behavior outputs include static maps of flame length, rate of spread, crown fire type, etc.
    • FlamMap Minimum Travel Time (MTT) adds maps of minimum travel time, arrival time, burn probabilities, etc.
  • FARSITE fire area simulator
    Image: Farsite logo **FARSITE4 will no longer be supported or available for download or further supported. FlamMap6 now includes FARSITE.
  • Fire Characteristics Chart
    Image: Fire Characteristics chart 
    • Part of the BehavePlus fire modeling system, replaces the fire characteristics chart currently generated in BehavePlus
    • Graphical display of primary fire behavior (surface and crown fire)
    • Data can be observed or modeled. Data from BehavePlus can be imported
    • Can be used for improved model understanding, prescribed fire planning, briefings, and case studies
Modified: Jun 28, 2019